Daniel Eatock

When I first started designing my website I wanted a very simple design that would be ultra straight forward and easy to get to the work while not being too showy or flashy. I ended up going with what I thought would be most logical-a menu of chapters on the left with a simple drag out menu that I found online for free and the portfolio on the right. About 6 months after I had launched the website I came across Daniel Eatock and his philosophy of web design was essentially what I has made but even simpler.

Recently Daniel Eatock teamed up with some developers and turned the philosophy of simple web design into a simple web program called indexhibit. It looks so good I may convert my website into that system just because it might be easier to upload images. For more info please read the history of the project notice I am listed in the "Early User List" area and that the software was introduced on 12.03.07 and no thats not the future he is just using the europe date format DD.MM.YY (I always like that formate better because it goes from small to large) Anyway, there is also a good and very funnyvideo lecture posted at the Walker Art Center where he used to work.