Day one

I am a bit in a daze right now. Having left a job I lived at for nearly four years, zoomed up to New York at break-neck speed ( I have the Georgia Speeding ticket to prove that) I feel like I am still going back to work next week and this is all a odd vacation with excessive packing. We drive my MINI up from the Magic City up 95 where we stopped at South of the Border and the Williamsburg, VA and made great time buzzing along until DC traffic brought us to a halt and delayed us several hours. Now, I am settled in the Upper West living out of a suitcase for a few days until move in on the 1st.

Despite my current state of disorientation from relocating the first day was great. We all filed in at about 10 am with awkward silences, questioning glances and timid introductions (why didn't I film that I have no idea). Later in the day you could already feel the walls melting as introductions were made and work was shared. It was great to see some of their work and how diverse it all is. I wish we could have stayed a bit longer so we could have seen everyone's book but time ran out for quick fire crit. I am looking forward to see what people shoot and even what I shoot. I couldn't help to think that all around the country there were probably other incoming MFA students doing almost the same thing–I wonder if they felt the same?