Another solarized sun discovery.

Hans-Christian Schink, 2/23/2006 4:04 pm - 5:04 pm N: 34° 03.712' W: 118° 20.979', 2006, Silbergelatine-Abzug, Auflage 5+3

Amazing how the internet has brought work together that was made around the same time. Just ten years ago it would have been very hard to find other artists working with similar themes around the world. Maybe because of this there are also more artists working today? just a theory.

So, I was looking through Mrs Deane a blog about photography run by Beierle + Keijser and I came across this post: congratulations hans christian schink! Hans Christian Schink, represented by ACE gallery in America and GALERIE ROTHAMEL in Europe. He recently won the newly created "REAL Photography Award" brought to you by ING Real Estate. The award was announced in March of 2008 so the sustainability of this award is certainly in question considering the current state of financial markets and especially real estate. But all economic worries aside I am quite interested in Schink's project and the parallels between it, Chris McCaw's Sunburn project and my Black Sun Project. I wonder how many from the Award show's jury were aware of McCaw's work which is quite similar? And, if they were what were their thoughts on them and why one is more worthy of the award that the other project.