Openings the week of Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I looking forward to this weeks openings. This week is a bit heavy on the political. but they should be thought provoking and hopefully the art doesn't go too far and make the viewers roll their eyes.

Wednesday, October 28

Emily Jacir "dispatch" at Alexander and Bonin
18 street: 132 10 avenue, at 18 street, 6-8pm

Thursday, October 29

Phillip Toledano, Abu Ghraib Coffee table
Moulded resin, 6', 2008

Phillip Toledano "America: The Gift Shop" which has its own website- is showing at Hous Projects
Downtown: 31 Howard street, floor 2, 6-8pm

Peter Fischli and David Weiss, Untitled (Sleeping Puppets), 2008-9,Two rag puppets and two breathing machines
Dimensions variable, Courtesy the artists, Matthew Marks Gallery, Galerie Eva Presenhuber and Spruth Magers

David Weiss, Peter Fischli "Sun, Moon and Stars" at Matthew Marks Gallery
22 street: 522 W 22 street, 6-8pm

David Weiss, Peter Fischli "Sleeping Puppets" at Matthew Marks Gallery
22 street: 526 W 22 street, 6-8pm

David Weiss, Peter Fischli "Clay and Rubber" at Matthew Marks Gallery
24 street: 523 W 24 street, 6-8pm

Lecture: "Paul Virilio: The Itinerary of Catastrophe" Sylvere Lotringer at SVA, Visual Arts Theater
23 street: 333 W 23 street, 7pm

Olaf Breuning "Small Brain Big Stomach" at Metro Pictures
24 street: 519 W 24 street, 6-8pm

Photography: Doug DuBois "All the Days and Nights" at Higher Pictures
66 street: 764 Madison avenue, b/w 65th & 66th street, 6-8pm