Tuesday's Photo Art Tweetchat - Looking back on 2009

Tonight 9-10 pm EST we continue our weekly Photo Art Tweet chat. Last week we had a very successful conversation with first guest tweeter, Darius Himes, an acquiring editor at Radius Books. Thanks everyone for joining in the conversation and thanks again to Darius Himes for taking the time to join us. You can get more info and a transcript here: http://wthashtag.com/Photoartchat This weeks topic will be looking back on the past year. What are the things about 2009 that stick out in your memory about Art Photography? We will cover areas such as the best museum show, gallery show, photobook, new photographer? And other relevant topics that made art in 2009 stimulating.

These Art Photography Twitter Chats anyone can join in or just read it live by using the hashtag #photoartchat on Twitter. One easier way to transform twitter into a chat room is Tweetchat.com and entering the photoartchat room here: http://tweetchat.com/room/photoartchat.

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