John Berger's groundbreaking TV documentary WAYS OF SEEING (first episode)

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I found these great BBC documentaries by John Berger via Brian Ulrich's blog - NOTIFBUTWHEN.

WAYS OF SEEING (first episode) 1/4

WAYS OF SEEING (first episode) 2/4

WAYS OF SEEING (first episode) 3/4

WAYS OF SEEING (first episode) 4/4

One of Berger's points that i find particularly interesting (at least right now) is how images get modified by what's around them - weather its music, noise or other images. This gets me thinking about comparing the art fair experience with the museum experience. I feel as though to some extent it is an argument for a curated art experience but at the same time I feel the Art fair uncurated experience can have a valid experience of a chaos curated landscape of the art.

its amazing how at an art fair you not only loose your experience of order between the images but you loose your direction and bearings very often. What effect does this have on our art experience? And what does it have when you introduce an untrained eye to this experience as their first form of viewing an artwork rather then a contemplative curated experience in a cold Chelsea Gallery or large important museum? What does John Berger think of the Art Fair experience of viewing art?

And finally where has the smart TV gone? This documentary was made in the early 1970s and it seems just as fresh today. Could a program like this ever be aired in America? Its funny to think about a show like this with ads around the segments.if there were would you look at the ads differently?