Communication Arts - 2011 Interactive Annual - The World Park

I’m super excited, The World Park, a project I worked on last Summer was recently recognized in Communication Arts - 2011 Interactive Annual. It was a blast to work on read all about it below.

From CA:

Overview: Today, young people spend less time enjoying urban parks and more time being entertained by the Internet and digital devices. When New York City’s Central Park wanted to engage a younger, more wired visitor, it created this outdoor mobile museum, offering an alternative way for tourists to interact with this iconic landmark. With mobile devices as the means for reinventing the park experience, visitors interact with the park by scanning Parkodes, custom QR-Codes that resemble digital trees. Each code revealed a question relating to the visitor’s exact location, turning the park into an interactive board game. Visitors unlock park secrets, famous movie scenes, views from the 1800s, and even hunted for a real-world Shakespeare in the park.

  • The project required seven months of planning, research, writing and content creation; it contains more than 120 HTML interfaces with custom CSS for almost any Web-enabled device.
  • An awareness campaign included interactive ads and TV spots using actual consumer generated media and ten park animals were used as event “spokespeople” on Facebook.
  • The first World Park event opened to the public on Arbor Day weekend 2010. Over 1,500 participants used their mobile phones to scan more than 50 codes placed throughout the park.

Comments by Michael Ferrare

How did this project compare with others you’ve worked on in the past? “World Park was a rare opportunity created by our agency. We had just started Agency Magma in New York and wanted to do some-thing that lived up to our mission to be an integrated idea agency that solves problems by creating experiences—not just advertising. We created the concept and built a demo, then we showed it to the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and they were excited to test the idea. The design of the Parkodes was a really important step for us. We believe that great design makes change easier, so we challenged ourselves to introduce a new technology, like QR-Codes, in a proprietary and memorable way. The World Park isn’t a one-time event, it’s a product, a piece of intellectual property, a new event plat-form for brands to co-sponsor. It gives Central Park a new way to present itself in today’s marketplace; it also proves that we’re a next-generation idea agency.”


Undoboy/Jamie Victor, senior designers Kim Bartkowski/Will Thomsen, creative directors Michael Ferrare, executive creative director Connie Finkelman, senior developer Harlan Erskine/Josh Feuhner, photographers PHILLYK, director Adam Larossa, sound designer Jeremy Brown, integrated producer Ian Stout, retoucher Kristian Summerer, consultant Michael Obrien, fabricator Agency Magma (New York, NY), project design and development NYC Department of Parks & Recreation, client

Tonight: Half Gallery: Miles Mendenhall Opening 6-8 pm

Miles Mendenhall, Good and Lonely Luminous Structure no. 2, 2010. Silkscreen on cotton rag, ed. of 3. 42 x 54 inches

Tonight the Half Gallery co-owner and "Work of Art" judge Bill Powers is showing "Work of Art" second runner-up Miles Mendenhall in a solo show at his Lower East Side gallery space. Mendenhall's solo show runs August 24—September 14, and the Opening reception is tonight Tuesday, August 24, 6-8 p.m. Half Gallery is located at 208 Forsyth St., New York, NY.

When I first started watching Work of Art I wasn't so sure about how well time art challenges would work out. I still think the show has serious problems. One of those problems is the show doesn't teach enough people from outside the art community why some of the art is successful and other's art is not. This is a teachable moment. Where is the teaching about the references and art history? I am worried this show leaves the general public in the same state of cluelessness about contemporary art as before the show. England is much better about educating through TV and Bravo could learn something from them.

That being said I think the show came through in the end and the finalists were all strong artists. I'm looking forward to tonight's opening as well as seeing the "Work of Art" winner, Abdi Farah at his prize solo show at the "world famous" Brooklyn Museum. Farah's show runs August 14–October 17, in their Projects Gallery, 5th Floor.

Miles Mendenhall, Black, White, but more so the Gray In-between, 2010. Silkscreen on cotton rag, ed. of 3, 42 x 36 inches

Miles Mendenhall, Light Bank, 2010. Silkscreen on cotton rag, ed. of 3. 30 x 48 inches

Opening Tonight: The Camera Club of New York 2010 National Juried Competition Juried by James Casebere

Tonight, my friend Rachel Barrett has a cool opening just north of Chelsea at the The Camera Club of New York. I'm heading there now to check it out and then down to the Lower East Side for the many openings for Lush Life Curated by Franklin Evans and Omar Lopez-Chahoud.

The Camera Club of New York 2010 National Juried Competition

Juried by James Casebere

Announcing the 2010 National Photography Competition Winners and Annual Juried Exhibition, Juried by James Casebere

July 8 – August 14, 2010Opening reception: Thursday, July 8, 6–9pm

First Place Winners: Rachel Barrett, Erin O‘Keefe

Second Place Winners: Juliane Eirich, Selena Salfen

The four top winners will be a part of the upcoming exhibition. James Casebere also selected ten artists as Honorable Mentions. All selected artists' work and links to their respective websites can be seen below.

First Place Winners:

Rachel Barrett  Artist Info

Rachel Barrett Artist Info

Erin O‘Keefe  Artist Info

Erin O‘Keefe Artist Info

Second Place Winners:

Juliane Eirich  Artist Info

Juliane Eirich Artist Info

Selena Salfen  Artist Info

Selena Salfen Artist Info