design website refresh

I have been working hard updating my site. Most of my images are now 25% larger. I have also edited some of the work and added several new sections. New piece in Imaginary Wars series, The Invaders.

harlan erskine, The Invaders, 20 x 37 inches, 2009

This new piece is included along with two others in the upcoming exhibition at the Photographic Resource Center (PRC) at boston university: EXPOSURE: The 15th Annual PRC Juried Exhibition.

New Section: Beijing Olympics, China at a crossroads

After shooting the "I'm a PC" Microsoft campaign, I traveled to China to experience the Olympic games in Beijing. I was amazed with the visual ecstasy of Beijing and the blossoming of Chinese culture and power. I was also struck by the many contradictions and mysteries that were rapidly evolving right as they were hosting the Summer Games. The images that are up on my site are only a sampling of the larger body of work. More will be added soon.

New Section: architecture, midtown past midnight

During the first year of grad school, I set out photographing the structures of midtown New York. This project carried me through the year. I must have ventured out to photograph close to 20 times. I arrived in midtown around midnight and shot for several hours. The lobbies of these structures are contrived to communicate the marriage of space and structure.