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"St. Andrews Manor, Shanghai, China" Martin Adolfsson part of Suburbia Gone Wild A few years ago I wrote about Martin Adolfsson's project, suburbia gone wild. I don't remember where I came across the work but it immediately struck me. Not just because of the overlap in my own investigations of suburbia (concrete narrativesaffordable homes and ten convenient stores) but also because I had recently traveled to Beijing to photograph the city and the olympics and Adolfson's project somehow combined these two interests of mine.

This Summer I finally met Martin when we both attended CENTER, Review Santa Fe. It was great to see the prints in person.

Martin Adolfsson is turning the project into a book and he is looking for some Kickstarter help: Suburbia gone Wild - Limited edition Book by Martin Adolfsson — Kickstarter

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'Yangtze, The Long River' by Nadav Kander

Check out this nice video 'Yangtze, The Long River' by Nadav Kander

Some of the images remind me very much of my trip to Beijing in 08. I was blow away with the atmosphere of China. I'm sure a good portion of that atmosphere was because of the smog and dust literally in the atmosphere but it was also do to how foreign I felt there. for the first time I was the alien with people gawking at the american in their midst.

via A Photo Editor via The FStop.

In Beijing, China for the next week...

Harlan Erskine, “Out apartment window, Beijing, China” © 2008

So, I have been on a traveling bender for almost all of August and now I find myself in Beijing, China until the 29th to see the Olympic Games (hopefully if I can find a ticket) and to take some pictures. Anyone have any recommendations on what to see and where to go?