On the Spot with my man, Kim Jong-il

Kim Jong-il loves the new selection of rare "Junk-il" artist edition kicks.

I'm loving this! The Boston Globe's internet picture show The Big Picture presents a sick collection of images from North Korea: On the Spot with Kim Jong-il. The 69 year old Kim Jong-il is the coolest crazy militant dictator in the world right now. These are some of my favorite images from this collection. I'm super fascinated with North Korea not just for its dictator but also the state of suspended cultural and technological animation it is in. If they ever open the country up to to outside world they may have to declare the entire country a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Kim Jong-il surveys the latest in computer technology.

Kim Jong-il loves a good cracker.

Kim Jong-il found a bucket.

Crisis of Credit

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

I have been meaning to post this all weekend but Horses Think who I quoted in my last post, beat me to it. Either way this is a great piece of art coming out when we need it most. Which works hard to make something which is so confusing and huge into something people can begin to understand.

Apparently the inspiration for the designer, Jonathan Jarvis for his video and Crisis of Credit website was the reporting which grew out of NPR's This American Life and the new NPR podcast Planet Money. I have been religiously glued to those podcasts for some time and I comment them for putting is clear english what been happening to the economy.

Our long national nightmare is finally over.

Obama took office today and there is a relief on people faces. I watched the Inauguration yesterday before class at home with a big cup of coffee. It was a great experience I wish I was able to go to DC but School was calling.

MSNBC is to my knowledge running the first news story using Microsoft's jaw-dropping technology, Photosynth. What better way to usher in the new President then with this cutting edge technology. I encourage everyone to hurry up an install Microsoft Silverlite and see what you've been missing.

On Photosynth's web site they have a more in depth look at the Inauguration from several vantage points. using Photosynth is like using the ultimate panoramic software but with a mush better depth perception. Photosynth stitches together many many images from different angles, viewpoints, cameras and focal lengths to bring a fascinating new experience.

I originally wrote about Photosynth at the end of this post.