Our long national nightmare is finally over.

Obama took office today and there is a relief on people faces. I watched the Inauguration yesterday before class at home with a big cup of coffee. It was a great experience I wish I was able to go to DC but School was calling.

MSNBC is to my knowledge running the first news story using Microsoft's jaw-dropping technology, Photosynth. What better way to usher in the new President then with this cutting edge technology. I encourage everyone to hurry up an install Microsoft Silverlite and see what you've been missing.

On Photosynth's web site they have a more in depth look at the Inauguration from several vantage points. using Photosynth is like using the ultimate panoramic software but with a mush better depth perception. Photosynth stitches together many many images from different angles, viewpoints, cameras and focal lengths to bring a fascinating new experience.

I originally wrote about Photosynth at the end of this post.