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Shepard Fairey Copyright Battle

There has been a lot of talk online about the now infamous Shepard Fairey Obama poster that was produced with the help of a picture made by former AP Photographer Mannie Garcia. While I have held back from posting anything on this debate I think Stephen Colbert moderates a debate between David Ross, the former head of the Whitney Museum and founder of Artist Pension Trust and Ed Colbert, Stephen's lawyer brother. I am not sure where the legal case is with this issue I did notice that on Mannie Garcia's Hope Page he states:

In a telephone conversation on the 17th of February, Shepard Fairey acknowledged that my photograph was used and that credit should have been given as such.

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Back from Miami Basel

© 2008 Harlan Erskine. Scope Art Fair Life is Beautiful by Mr. Brainwash.

I'll have to wait to write a longer post until tomorrow but I just got back from Miami Basel on Monday and I have to say it was tons of fun. I thought there was a chance this year would be a bust because of or economic condition but I don't think it was. Sure it wasn't completely without fault-I missed the pulse fair this year and waisted my time at Photo Miami which was by far the most depressing fair I attended by far.