Hair Hats by Japanese Pop Artist Nagi Noda

all above images © 2005 Nagi Noda/Uchu-Country Co. Ltd.

I came across these Hair Hats images via Gawker (via omgowned) and haven't stopped regularly coming back to look at them. I wasn't going to post anything about it but then I noticed that neither Gawker or Omg OWNED didn't point out that these images were produced by Japanese Pop ArtistNagi Noda (wiki). Noda is well known for her videos that have become viral sensations like the Weird exercise routine by Mariko Takahash below.

YouTube - Poodle Exercise with Humans

These Hair Hats pictures, I just found out, were photographed at MILK Studios in New York by Kenneth Cappello.

Also, Nagi Noda has directed these other great clips:

YouTube - Coca Cola "What Goes Around Comes Around"

Scissor Sisters - She's My Man