Guggenheim Fellowships in Photography, 2008

Builder Levy, Bushwick, Brooklyn 1987

After yesterday's Thanksgivingness today I have been on a bit of a web photography research bender. Among the millions of places that prove useful to look at once a year would be the winners of the Guggenheim Fellowships in Photography. I found the original article from Artnet. The finalists are listed on the Guggenheim Foundation's new fellows listing page.

Although this is kind of old news, maybe like me you missed it. The selection was announced in April.
The 2008 Fellows in Photography are:

Michael P. Berman
Elijah Gowin
Builder Levy
Fredrik Marsh
Greg Miller
Ardine Nelson
David J. Taylor

I also appreciate how this list of photographers can be looked at as an anti-Chelsea and anti-internet popularity selection of artists. Most of these photographers have never shown in New York. I wonder what their projects will look like now that they have a nice cash infusion? who is your favorite?