Brooklyn Doorbells

© 2008 harlan erskine

Recently, one cold night I found my doorbell had frozen over. I guess the night before it was raining or melting and then it all froze over. I took this pic to remember the freeze of that night and the nights to come. Its been a cold winter up here more like the winters of high school. One year I remember all of central park froze over is this amazing sheet of ice several inches thick. Several teachers were hurt trying to enter the park to bust students for smoking. After school we would steel cafeteria trays and ride them on the hills.

New York based photographer, Kai McBride, hauled an 8x10 view camera around brooklyn in 2005 photographing Brooklyn Doorbell much like my frozen doorbell above. I wonder what a 8x10 image of a surface like this looks like in a proper print. I quite enjoy Kai's latest project Facing Tampa which riffs on the real estate advertising so ubiquitous around Florida.

©Kai McBride Facing Tampa, 16x16 inches, silver gelatin print