RODCHENKO art school

natalia ulianova, from the series "receipts"

Last semester during my class with Lyle Rexer we had an interesting guest lecture from Vladimir Kupriyanov a Russian Photographer and Lecturer at RODCHENKO art school. Although we we following along through a translator the lecture let us hear a first hand account of Russian photo history from an active participant. The RODCHENKO art school is only a few years old but it seems that it is still one of the few artistic focuses photography schools in contemporary Russia.

I have been wanting to link to the site he showed us for some time.I had forgotten about it until yesterday when I was looking through it again and found natalia ulianova. I find it interesting how much it reminds me of the early work of Brian Ulrich.

Check out Vladimir Kupriyanov's work here:
short bio, CV and some work at Moscow House of Photography > Vladimir Kupriyanov, About the eightieth [1980-1989]