Graduation! and tips on how to launch your careers...

Graduation is tomorrow. I can't believe it. what a whirl wind it has been. I will be posting more about the experience but for now I have a few links that see really useful for everyone graduating their MFA and entering the creative class. So, If your not going to date your art star professor then there are other avenues to finding your way.

Mrs. Deane has a nice post "susanne ludwig & how photographers launch their careers"

Blogger and gallerist Edward Winkleman of the Winkleman Gallery. Has an ongoing series of useful smart posts on Getting a Gallery
How to Do Your Homework, Part I
How to Do Your Homework, Part II
Baseline Issues for the "How to Get a Gallery" Question
Advice for Artists Seeking Gallery Representation
One More Time, With Feeling (seriously)

I'll update this post with more links as I come across them. Send me links if you have any suggestions.