Tuesday's Art Photo Tweetchat - continuing the discussion on the Photobook. UPDATE

UPDATE: I'm pleased to announce that tonight's #PhotoArtChat we will be graced with our very first guest tweeter, Darius Himes. We are very lucky to be joined by an expert in the field of fine are photography books as well an a great thinker on photography. Please read his bio below and follow along or join us as we talk more about the current and future of the photobook.

Himes' bio:
Darius Himes is an acquiring editor at Radius Books, a non-profit publisher founded in 2007 that publishes books on the visual arts and photography. Prior to that he was the founding editor of photo-eye Booklist, a quarterly magazine devoted to photography books, from 2002–2007. He is also a lecturer, consultant, educator and writer, having contributed to Aperture, Blind Spot, Bookforum, BOMB, PDN, and American Photo. He earned his BFA in Photography from Arizona State University and a Master of Arts in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College. In 2008, he was named by PDN as one of fifteen of the most influential people in photo book publishing.

Tonight, Tuesday, December 22, 2009 9-10 PM EST we will be continuing last weeks successful tweet chat on the Future of the Photobook. Last weeks chat went really well with a number of people joining in and adding in their perspective into the mix. We began by discussing the Future of the photobook from a technological perspective and then we began to discuss content. Tonight we will continue to discuss the photobook but this with our guest tweeter publisher Darius Himes. We'll be talking with him about how he see the future of the photobook especially as it pertains to subjects and content.

A few interesting posts have been written since last week.
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