Tonight, Tuesday's Photo Art Tweetchat - What is photography's role in crises like Haiti?

What is photography's role in crises like Haiti?

For tonight's Art Photo Tweet chat will will be joined my photographer and writer Michael David Murphy aka @whileseated2. Recently, he wrote this piece in foto8 Does Haiti's Crisis Call for a New Photojournalism? This started off a great deal of discussion.

These is also a huge post over on the blog Prison Photography Staring at Death: Photographing Haiti.

Another starting point will be Susan Sontag's classic essay: Looking at War, Photography's view of devastation and death. I will be re-reading that before our chat.

We will be having an open ended chat on how photography interacts with disasters and crisis, using These articles as a starting point. Here are some potential points of discussion:

  • What are the moral/ethical issues of creating photography in disaster/crisis areas, help the people in front of you or photograph them?
  • What contribution does photography play in helping those in distress
  • "artistic vampirism" - making money/fame based on the misfortune
  • Why do we love to look at decay. Why can't photographers get enough of Detroit?
  • Are photographers adding anything to public knowledge/information?
  • What's the value of pro photo vs vernacular (Here Is NY vs Meyerowitz vs Abu Grhaib)

Join in tonight at 9 pm EST.

NOTE: we will be making these tweets a biweekly event now. So Todd and I can better prepare. Maybe in the future if momentum builds more we can move it back to a weekly event. If you liked the weekly version please email / tweet us.

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