New York Armory Week 2010, Day 3 - PULSE and a Swimming Cities fundraiser.

The entrance to the PULSE Contemporary Art Fair 2010.

PULSE Contemporary Art Fair 2010.

Pulse was small and bite sized compared with the Armory. Much easier to take in but the overall complexity of the work wasn't up to the same level. Still an enjoyable experience.

Dionisio Gonzalez, "Halong IX," 2009 at ftc gallery, Berlin, Germany.

Frank Breuer, "Untitled," 2009 at ftc gallery, Berlin, Germany.
This sculptural layout of well shot photography would have had a better impact if the wall wasn't made so poorly with no attention to details.

Geissler & Sann, "The real estate #12," (left) and "The real estate #13," (right) both 2009 at ftc gallery, Berlin, Germany.
These "real estate" images are a nice echo on the current state of the economy.

Johannes Girardoni, "Exposed Icon #5," 2009 at Lukas Feichtner gallery, Vienna, Austria.

Barry Frydlender, at Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York, NY.

Sangbin IM, "Armory 2008," 2008 at Mary Ryan Gallery, New York, NY.

Carlo Van der Roer, From top row right to left: "Christelle Imperial de Castro," 2008. "Taika Waititi," 2008. "Yoko Okutsu," 2008. "Aurel Schmidt 2," 2009. "Sara Rossein," 2009. "Terence Koh," 2008. at M+B gallery, Los Angles, CA.

Carlos and Jason Sanchez, "The Baptism," 2003 (left) and "Masked," 2007 (right) at Caren Golden Fine Art, New York, NY.
I am quite curious how a show of Jason and Carlos Sanchez would look since many of their images are strong and don't fit together in a traditional way.

Carlos and Jason Sanchez, "Atomic Bomb Dome Hiroshima," 2010 at Nicholas Metivier Gallery

Jeremy Dean, "CEO Stagecoach (Black)," (from the series Futurama Mini) 2009 at CTS creative thriftshop.

Kiel Johnson, "POLAROID," and other cameras, 2010 Davidson Contemporary, New York, NY.

THE SWIMMING CITIES OF THE OCEAN OF BLOOD - silent auction and fundraiser.

The SWIMMING CITIES art collective is held a art auction fundraiser for their upcoming sculptural boat and performance project on the Ganges River, in India, 2010. The event was hosted at WALKER STAGE at 56 Walker St. in Tribeca. The event will include the unveiling of the first finished boat prototype, an 18′x8′ hand-crafted stainless steel catamaran, powered by a motorcycle driven paddle wheel. Music will be provided by eclectic NYC underground DJ’s Small Change, Matt Shadetek, and DJ 2melo.

The auction will included 100+ works, all members or friends of Swimming Cities including: Swoon, Thomas Beale, ImminentDisaster, Ben Mortimer, Ero, Tod Seeley, Ben Wolfe, Pork, Tony Bones, Jeff Stark, Isaac Aden, Ariel Campos, Gregg Henderson, Leslie Stem, Lopi, Katelan Foisey, Iris Stvn Lason, Spy, Sarah Aller, Matt Curtis, Petric Seeley, Zev David Deans, Elizabeth Bentley, Hannah Mishin, Orien McNeill, Ksenjiya, Angie Kang, Ben Devoe, Czack Tucker, Heather Jones, Noah Sparks, Porter Fox, Tim Treason, Ayen Tran, Dan Sabau, Virginia Reath, Clair Huntington, and Kara Blosom.

Someone bidding on a work by SWOON

Revving up the boat prototype.

Revving up the boat prototype.