Tonight: Half Gallery: Miles Mendenhall Opening 6-8 pm

Miles Mendenhall, Good and Lonely Luminous Structure no. 2, 2010. Silkscreen on cotton rag, ed. of 3. 42 x 54 inches

Tonight the Half Gallery co-owner and "Work of Art" judge Bill Powers is showing "Work of Art" second runner-up Miles Mendenhall in a solo show at his Lower East Side gallery space. Mendenhall's solo show runs August 24—September 14, and the Opening reception is tonight Tuesday, August 24, 6-8 p.m. Half Gallery is located at 208 Forsyth St., New York, NY.

When I first started watching Work of Art I wasn't so sure about how well time art challenges would work out. I still think the show has serious problems. One of those problems is the show doesn't teach enough people from outside the art community why some of the art is successful and other's art is not. This is a teachable moment. Where is the teaching about the references and art history? I am worried this show leaves the general public in the same state of cluelessness about contemporary art as before the show. England is much better about educating through TV and Bravo could learn something from them.

That being said I think the show came through in the end and the finalists were all strong artists. I'm looking forward to tonight's opening as well as seeing the "Work of Art" winner, Abdi Farah at his prize solo show at the "world famous" Brooklyn Museum. Farah's show runs August 14–October 17, in their Projects Gallery, 5th Floor.

Miles Mendenhall, Black, White, but more so the Gray In-between, 2010. Silkscreen on cotton rag, ed. of 3, 42 x 36 inches

Miles Mendenhall, Light Bank, 2010. Silkscreen on cotton rag, ed. of 3. 30 x 48 inches