New Work: Applegate Interactive Photography

© harlan erskine for Applegate Farms.
© harlan erskine for Applegate Farms.

I'm glad to share my work for Applegate and their agency, TAXI.

Here is the description of the campaign by TAXI:

Have you ever wondered what’s in a hot dog? Sure you have. Everybody has. It’s just that, more often than not, we’d rather not know. But in this campaign, knowing is comically unavoidable. In the grocery store, the “cows” hormone- and preservative-laced meat comes forward to confront moms to buy their dogs. Lucky for all of us, Applegate’s “cleaner wiener” provides a much healthier, natural option.

We photographed two "cows" over at Dune Studios. These characters appear in the Applegate TV spots. We shot the "cows" in various poses to create the tipping effect for the interactive banners.

© harlan erskine for Applegate Farms.
© harlan erskine for Applegate Farms.

The interactive banner below is one of two final executions.


Here are the TV spots that feature the same characters—

What's in your hot dog? Learn more at

What's in your hot dog? Learn more at

The Rube Goldberg of Art and Advertising.

Rube Goldberg born in 1883 and lived through December, 1970 and his influence is still being absorbed and celebrated today. A few days ago I came across this advert for Google's Chrome browser made in the UK. I'm really digging their creativity and use of different angles and mediums like mercury to make their Rube Goldburg like effect look great.

Peter Fischli and David Weiss made this piece over 20 years ago based on this principle called the Way Things Go or Der Lauf der Dinge in German.

Some credit Peter Fischli and David Weiss with the inspiration for the advertisers including this famous Honda Cog ad:

There is also this popular Japanese children's show called ピタゴラ装置 pronounced Pitagora Suichi or Pythagoras Switch.

Also fun to watch is this baking of video for Google chrome: