Bansky, Bansky, Bansky

I never thought I would say this but I wish I lived in LA this past week. Because Banksy's "Barely Legal" show in LA looks like it was an instant classic. The show is the culmination of a busy few months of this prolific artist. In the past month alone he has cleverly completed several artistic performances that continue to impress. First he punked Paris Hilton, and in such a way that the HMV store representive seemed to admit he enjoyed it. Then he cleverly inserted a blow up Guantanamo Bay detainee into a ride at Disneyland and while he set up a warehouse show in LA. I wish I could be there but I guess the pictures will have to keep me interested for now (video here, and of the Elephant in the room here, and here, and pictures of the show here, here and here. Now, I just hope someone brings the show to Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach to liven up the party.