New Andreas Gursky work

© Andreas Gursky.

Looks like Andreas Gursky is getting talked a lot about lately. He is showing his new work and I can't wait to see it up close. Here is a nice pdf of his work. I found a good article and exhibition images in a Wallpaper Portfolio. Here is a good blog post with nice detail shots of the new images.

Also check out a haus der kunst translated page
via jm Colberg

If you happen to be in London tonight looks like there is a show up for another few days in London at Sprueth Magers London Gallery and also at White Cube.

He opened a show in New York yesterday. Anyone go? if you did how was it? I need to get up there soon. If you didn't go the show is at:

Matthew Marks
522 West 22nd Street
New York

Andreas Gursky
May 4-June 30, 2007